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Apple Patents Approve Touch, Light, Proximity Sensors

iPhones and iPod touches wouldn’t be what they are today without their internal merger of their multi-touch input panel (which lays behind the LCD screen), their proximity sensors, and their ambient light sensors. These devices generally do a good job of being able to automatically apply settings based on my environment, and it looks like Apple is gunning for one particularly interesting ability - automatically forwarding calls between your home phone (or an office phone) and iPhone depending on the proximity to your landline. Patently Apple mentioned that the technology wasn’t just restricted to the iPhone, so maybe you’ll be using your iMac to answer calls from Grandma. A quick pic after the break.

iPhone Proximity Call Forwarding

iPhone Proximity Call Forwarding

Apple really wants the iPhone to be an integral experience in your life. I think it’s going to get to a point that the iPhone (and other mobile devices) are going to have a very big impact on home automation. You could start with the garage opening as you neared your home, unlocking doors, making coffee, helping you remember your medication, turning stairwell lights on at night, etc. All you’d need is your iPhone in your pocket, and because it’s such a simple platform, it’d be great for these kinds of things.


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