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Angry Birds Space Now Available

Angry Birds Space, the first new game from Rovio in over a year, is now available on the App Store. Officially announced back in February, Angry Birds Space takes a radically new approach to the series by setting the war against the pigs in outer space, thus bringing completely re-imagined dynamics and physics to the franchise.

From our previous coverage:

Based in a weightless environment, the basic gist of the game seems to be that in such conditions, trajectories are affected by gravity, and objects end up following curves, rather than straight lines. Using a “galactic slingshot” in footage shot on-location at the International Space Station, NASA’s Don Pettit explains how astronauts and scientists have to consider these changes in physics and gravity when they are in outer space; apparently, this mechanic will be brought to Angry Birds Space in a fairly accurate representation.

Angry Birds Space, unlike the Rio and Seasons spin-offs, brings a new gameplay that has allowed Rovio to design a whole set of different birds, levels, and in-app purchases. Angry Birds Space comes with 60 levels, new superpowers, hidden bonus levels, and a zero-gravity mechanic that, for those who have played with the Nintendo Wii in the past, somewhat resembles Mario Galaxy's unique approach to planets and interstellar jumps.

Early coverage of the new game positively remarked how Angry Birds Space will feel familiar to the franchise's veterans, while still adding a new way of thinking and constructing trajectories on screen. Angry Birds Space is now available on the App Store, both in iPhone and iPad editions. You can check out the game's trailers and first hands-on videos after the break.

- Angry Birds Space for iPhone

- Angry Birds Space for iPad

- Angry Birds Space for Mac

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