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Audition for Mac Public Beta Now Available

Five months ago we saw a first video of Adobe Audition for OS X. Today, Adobe released the first public beta for the software, which is based on a new architecture capable of editing both single files and multi-track mixes.

The OS X version of Audition offers a new engine with improved performances, and seems to be geared towards the broadcast and audio post-production market.

From the official beta page:

Adobe Audition for Mac offers:

  • Fast start-up, high performance multi-threaded processing, and parallel workflows
  • Powerful audio editing and multitrack mixing views
  • Superior noise reduction capabilities
  • Native 5.1 Surround support and multi-channel effects, plus other new effects
  • Optimized audio post-production workflows

You can go download Audition for Mac beta here. [hat tip to The Loop]