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Favs for iPad

Favs for iPad

After months of silence, Dirk Holtwick is back with a Favs update (version 1.2) that brings iPhone 5 support and a native iPad version. For those unaware of Favs, it’s a Mac/iOS app that collects your Internet favorites (“starred” or “liked” items) from sources like Twitter, Google Reader, Instagram, and more. From my review of the iPhone app:

Released yesterday, Favs for iPhone is a $2.99 mobile companion that serves the same purpose of Favs for Mac — it offers a unified interface to browse favorite items from multiple sources. The main screen features three general tabs for All items, Inbox, and Archive. However, I never use Favs’ own read/unread indicators, because I don’t want to “feel the guilt” of having too many favorites in my accounts. For this reason, I am glad Favs for iPhone lets me hide unread counts from the Settings, which also reveal iCloud sync will be coming soon to keep account information synced across Mac and iOS devices. I very much prefer to browse favorites by their original source.

The iPad app is an addition to the existing app, which is now Universal. It’s not revolutionary in that it takes the iPhone app and puts a list of accounts and favorite items in a sidebar on the left, with a larger panel on the right to view content. There are options to turn on Readability, and an action button to email, tweet, or copy a URL, or open a webpage in Safari. iCloud sync worked on first launch for me – it pulled some of the accounts I had configured on the iPhone – but I would like to see more options added in a future version (hopefully not in six months) such as Google Chrome support or a URL scheme to launch specific accounts directly.

Favs is available at $2.99 on the App Store.