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Apple Ranks 55th in Fortune Global 500, Up From 111th in 2011

Apple Ranks 55th in Fortune Global 500, Up From 111 in 2011

As noted by @setteBIT, Apple has ranked 55th in the latest update of the Fortune Global 500, the annual ranking of the world’s largest corporations provided by American magazine Fortune. With a total revenue of $108.249 billion and total profit of $25.922 billion, Apple climbed 86 positions up from rank 111 in 2011. Fortune also reports $116.371 billion in assets and $76.615 billion in stockholder’s equity. Speaking in percentages, the profits marked 23.9% of total revenue.

These figures are data for the 2011 fiscal year, which ended on September 30, 2011. Compared to 2010, Apple reported a 66% increase in revenue, and 85% in profits in 2011. The new Fortune 500 list as well as Apple’s numbers for 2011 and all other members is already available online, and will be also included in the print version of the Fortune Magazine on July, 23.