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Apple Airs New iPad mini Commercials

Apple Airs New iPad mini Commercials

Following the "Piano" ad launched after the announcement of the iPad mini, today Apple aired two new commercials for the device. Named "Books" and "Photos", both commercials focus on showing the size difference between the regular iPad and the iPad mini. More importantly, both ads want to communicate the simple message that the iPad mini is smaller in size, but also just as capable in terms of functionality: the iPad mini runs the same apps of the bigger iPad, therefore making it a "real" iPad, only smaller (and thus more portable). This follows the tagline on the product page: There's less of it, but no less to it.

As noted by Jordan Golson at MacRumors, the commercials rely on clever pairings of books and photos to compare the two iPad models. For books, Apple uses The Sun Also Rises and The Valley of the Moon; East of Eden and How the West Was Won; Moby Dick and Gone Fishing.

The new commercials aren't available on Apple's YouTube channel yet, but they have been uploaded to Apple's website. You can watch them here.