PlayStation Network and the App Store

Matt Birchler compares Sony’s PlayStation Network storefront to Apple’s App Store:

Everything you see when you load up the store has been hand-picked by someone. Of course, the PS4 store only has 147 items on the platform, so manually curating that content is easier than it would be for Apple with its 1+ million apps, but we’ll set that aside for today. Here’s what I have found when thinking about how I shop on the Playstation Network without any top lists to guid me.

As he argues towards the end, Apple does a lot of editorial curation on the App Store – and they are going to do more of it with iOS 8 – but the Top Charts don’t reflect those efforts and they remain a difficult place for developers to break into.

Sony has it easier than Apple: the App Store’s editorial team has to deal with thousands of apps released each day, frequent updates to existing apps, and a diversity of games and apps. The App Store is a much different market than the PSN or Nintendo’s eShop, and, as I’ve written before, it remains to be seen whether customers will care about more visibility to curated sections in iOS 8.