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Voices for iPhone Available: Finally, I Can Use That Darth Vader Mask Again

I’m not a big fan of Star Wars, but I Darth Vader is a cool guy, no doubt about it. I’ve never watches the Exorcist, but that girl is rather famous, you know. And, I love the Chipmunks.

What am I talking about?, you may ask.

Guys, Voices it’s out.

I’ve been beta testing Voices for a few months, and now that it’s finally out in the AppStore I can - finally - talk about it. Voices lets you transform your voice.


But unlike many voice transformer apps you can find on the internet, Voices lets you do it the Apple way. Once you’ve fired up the app, you’ll see a big red curtain with some little icons in front of it, those are the voices you can pick. Choose a voice and a big mic will appear, you’ll hear a sound of someone (you) coughing to clear his voice, then you’ll be ready to record. Once recorded press the stop button, wait a few seconds for the voice to be transformed and here you go, you have your voice customized.

It’s sexy, usable and dead simple. But I repeat, it’s sexy. Someone told me on Twitter the UI was designed by David Lanham and Marcelo Marfil and you know, you can spot the difference: it’s awesome. Great colors, great icons, amazing attention for the little details. Even the stop button is awesome. Or maybe I just spot gorgeous UI elements everywhere. God knows.

The fact is, Voices could have been a useless, stupid app. The fact is, Voices is useless, stupid app you can’t stop using. Maybe it’s because of the well designed interface (definitely, it’s not just me), maybe because of the music effects, you’ll spend hours playin’ around with voices, recording your mom, your cat and even people on TV shows. It’s one of the most addicting applications I’ve ever tried. And I believe the developers really wanted to acheive this: make the users testing different voice styles for hours and hours.

You can choose between 17 voices, see the screenshots below. Also, you can share your recording on Twitter, Facebook and email.

This review can’t really explain how much I love Voices. It’s simple, funny and sexy.

It’s like the perfect woman.

Go download it. And grab the companion Mac app, Voice Candy, for free with the MacHeist!

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