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The New Simplenote, Now Available

Great news, iPad and iPhone users: the all-new Simplenote is now available, together with a complete new webapp, full support for iOS 4 and tags. I've been beta testing the new version, and it's awesome. Really, a great update now live in the App Store. For free.

The new version (labelled 3.0.3) introduces brand new features that make Simplenote a fresh new experience. A new icon (lovely), a new UI, tags for posts (a much requested feature), fullscreen mode and easy note sharing. It's very easy, and a killer feature for users like me, who need to share notes and documents with a team.

Simplenote is available here for free. A premium subscription is available as in-app purchase at $11.99. Check out the first screenshots and changelog below, and stay tuned for our full review coming tomorrow.

Full changelog:

"In a nutshell: major update with tags, versions, sharing, pins, and more.

Some details:

- all new web app

- full support for iOS4

- tags, and view tags as folders

- pin important notes to the top of your list

- access older versions of notes (go back in time)

- trash can

- really easy note sharing

- searching within notes

- fullscreen mode

- each note remembers its last position

- many syncing improvements

- improved animations

- added ability to sign out of an account

- added options for reverse-order sorting

- character/word count

- shortened toolbar height in landscape mode (iPhone)

- fixed link detection and enabled it by default

- fixed tapping to edit a note when link detection is enabled

- fixed keyboard disappearing when changing orientations (iPhone)

- fixed possible data deletion when swipe-deleting a note other than the current note (iPad)

- improved reliability of auto-saving

- fixed modification date being updated if you edit but don't change a note"