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Chrome OS Installed On The iPad

Chrome OS is Google's upcoming operating system based on the solid foundation of the Chrome web browser and is open source version, Chromium OS. Much has been said about Chrome OS being the OS "of the future", as it's entirely based on Chrome's UI and easy to understand principles. Much has also been said about tablets getting Chrome OS by this fall.

It turns out that the first tablet to get Chrome OS is Apple's iPad.

Popular web developer and hacker Hexxeh has been playing around with Chromium OS builds for months now. You can check out his Flow builds here (it's a build with an auto-updater built-in, webcam support and improved application directory) or go download one of his Vanilla (untouched) builds here. Hexxeh has been making builds since Chromium OS source was released, and Google itself acknowledged his work in it. That's why I think the following screenshot is legit:

That's Chrome OS (ok, Chromium OS) running on the iPad. How he did it? I don't know, but I guess jailbreaking your device is required. I'm told further updates will be posted on Hexxeh's blog as he goes on with the development, so make sure to save this link and refresh every once in a while. Another alleged screenshot of Chrome OS installed on the iPad has also been making the rounds of Twitter.

If he'll manage to ship anything even close to these mockups, we'll all be happy geeks here at MacStories. [Thanks, Akira!]