FileShuttle: Simple and Fast Desktop File Sharing

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During my blogging workflow, I costantly need to upload many files. Text, photos, screencasts, .zip archives..I need to share them with my friends and co-workers almost every hour.

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this new app, FileShuttle, which has totally changed my workflow.


FileShuttle is a very lightweight Mac OS X desktop application which lets you upload files in a snap. Basically, once you’ve downloaded FileShuttle here, copy it to your /Applications folder and drag the app’s icon onto the dock.

Now, you have to know that FS works with your own server: this means that if you own a domain with FTP / SFTP access, you can use FileShuttle. All the files will be uploaded to the directory you’ll choose.As you can understand now, FileShuttle is perfect for web developers / bloggers who need to daily share many files across the web.

Once you’ve filled your ftp details into the Preferences, it’s time to upload something. To do so, you just have to ┬ádrag & drop a file from your desktop / finder onto the app icon.

Really? Yeah, it’s really that simple.

dock icon

drag n dropuplaoding

As you can see, the app will show you the uploading progress through a progress bar below its icon. But it’s not over yet.

If you find yourself takin’ dozens of desktop screenshots to share with your friends, FileShuttle is just perfect for you. Indeed, the app will auto upload any screenshot you take with CMD + 3 or CMD + 4 and auto-copy to the clipboard the generated url. All of this in a matter of seconds (depending on your internet connection, mine’s pretty fast).

Also, you can decide to shorten the generated urls with bit.ly and or keep original files names when uploading.


As I said, FileShuttle is rather a new app and the developer Michael Villar promises more features coming with the next updates. On the other hand, we have to see if FileShuttle is gonna make it against the next big thing of desktop file sharing, Cloud.app.

By now, it’s amazing. And it’s free.

Go download!

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