Mozilla to be on your iPhone soon via Firefox Home

So what exactly is Firefox Home? It's your Firefox history, bookmarks, and open tabs right on your iPhone. So between sessions and saved goodies on your Mac and Windows versions of Firefox, you can take it with you via Mozilla's newest iPhone app. Pretty cool huh? But keep in mind this isn't a true sync: things only get pushed one way to the iPhone. Still, it's pretty nifty if you want to take everything with you. Oh, and it was just submitted to be approved or denied by the overlords at Apple headquarters.

TechCrunch reports:

Again, this app is not a new web browser, it’s just a tool for moving your data from your desktop to the phone. The browser that is built-in to the app is a WebKit-based one built with the tools Apple includes in the SDK. On its FAQ page, Mozilla says the following about Firefox for the iPhone:

"Does this mean Firefox will be available on the iPhone? No. We do not have plans to ship the Firefox browser for the iPhone. Due to constraints with the OS environment and distribution, we cannot provide users Firefox for the iPhone."

Mozilla is wondering whether Apple will approve the app or not, but considering Opera got through okay, Apple should approve Firefox Home.

[Mozilla Firefox Home via TechCrunch]