Today Weather 1.2 Goes Universal

Today Weather

Today Weather is my go-to weather app for iPhone – the one I keep on my Home screen – and with the 1.2 version released today, the app has gone Universal adding iPad support.

Those coming from Today Weather for iPhone will instantly be familiar with the iPad app. All the features of the iPhone counterpart have been ported to the iPad, keeping the navigation consistent across versions, but using the iPad's larger screen to offer more information. My favorite feature of Today Weather was the Forecast view:

What I like the most about Today Weather is the screen on the left. Called Forecast view, it comes with a normal and “geek” mode to visualize temperature and weather for the next week. Unsurprisingly, I like geek mode, which is enabled by tapping on the screen: with a set of vertical bars, the graph displays high and low temperatures for the week using the NOAA color gradients. Normal mode simply displays the highest value, and you can switch between the two with a tap. In doing so you’ll notice the nice animation that brings up the bars one after the other. It’s a fantastic touch. Forecast view is the screen I’ve been checking out every day because I like to know, in simple terms, “what the next days will be like”. Today Weather provides that kind of information in three ways: data (numbers), icons, and colors.

On the iPad, Forecast has two extra days, spanning more than a week worth of visual forecasts. It is, by far, my most used feature in Today Weather.

The initial screen has been reworked for the iPad. Instead of presenting multiple locations stacked on top of each other, Today Weather for iPad offers a Dashboard view that takes up the entire screen and lays out the same information with a design that feels more native to the iPad. I really like this idea as it lets me quickly fire up Today Weather and understand in a few seconds what the weather is going to be like in those 5-6 locations that I care about – without having to scroll or drilling down into their detailed views.

Today Weather is $0.99, Universal, and I highly recommend it.