Dropbox 2.1 With New PDF Viewer


Dropbox has released an update to its iOS app that brings three new features for iPhone and iPad users: a redesigned PDF viewer, notifications for folders shared with you, and a new “sort by modified date” option.

The new PDF viewer is based on PSPDFKit and it now allows you to access the table of contents and page thumbnails for every PDF document in your Dropbox. A button in the top right corner of the title bar lets you switch from single page view to thumbnails, while a search icon in the bottom bar allows you to search for any word inside a document (with match highlighting). On the iPad, these buttons are available as floating controls (pictured above). As with the previous versions of the app, you can open a PDF in other apps and copy its Dropbox link to the clipboard.

Dropbox is now capable of sending push notifications when someone shares a folder with you – a feature that the company has slowly been bringing to its desktop and mobile applications. In my tests, however, I haven't been able to receive any notification yet. The new “Newest – Oldest” sorting option is available at the top of any folder next to the search. The design is in line with Dropbox 2.0, released in December.

Dropbox 2.1 is available on the App Store.