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Apple Releases New MacBook Airs, Previews New Mac Pro Design

Apple's line of MacBook Airs received nice spec bumps today, which include Intel's fourth-generation core processors, Haswell. Haswell chips include the new Intel HD 5000 graphics, which is 40% faster than the previous generation Intel HD 4000. Haswell's main benefit isn't just that it's just a new, better processor, but that it's built especially for mobile. Intel's latest chips are designed for power savings, and incorporate smarter low-power states. It's an extremely efficient chip, resulting in a substantial increase in battery life over the previous generation of MacBook Airs.

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A New ProductiveMacs Bundle: 9 Great Mac Apps for $29.99

Last November Apparent Software had a fantastic and successful bundle sale. Now, they're back with another great ProductiveMacs bundle that contains some even more excellent utilities that will help you get work done. Some of the highlights of the bundle are Dropzone (our coverage), Gemini (our review), Paperless, and Crossover. If you had to purchase all nine of these productive goodies separately they would cost $245 but this new bundle is priced at the super-low total of $29.99.

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